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Honest Ecommerce

May 16, 2022

Will is the Founder & CEO of IQBAR - a leading brain and body nutrition company based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

On this podcast, we talk about the importance of gathering data first before product development, why you shouldn’t plan to scale with an MVP, when should you do D2C only and when should you consider...

May 9, 2022

Mike Abadi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sunday Citizen, a brand committed to making the world's softest bedding. 

On this podcast, we talk about the reason why Mike didn’t give up after multiple failed ventures, the dynamics of having a romantic partner as a business partner, how some of Sunday Citizen’s wins are...

May 2, 2022

Elie Robinson is the CEO and founder of Under 5'10, a brand that makes clothing for shorter men.

On this podcast, we talk about how Under 5’10 found success in Kickstarter, how that success helped them with funding and customer acquisition, why Under 5’10 is insistent on saying D2C for the meantime, and so...

Apr 25, 2022

Laurie O'Hara is the founder and CEO of OLITA, the natural and organic sun care brand we all need for sun safe skin and planet protection. 

On this podcast, we talk about how OLITA’s audience is the perfect fit for them, the advantage of working with performance-based partners, why competitors are great assets for...

Apr 18, 2022

Kyle Ewing is the President & Founder of TerraSlate Waterproof paper which makes everything from the price tags at Whole Foods, to restaurant menus, to military field manuals. 

On this podcast, we talk about why you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your ideas to others, the main advantage of a B2B model, the hardest part...