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Honest Ecommerce

Jul 29, 2019

On today’s episode, we meet Jordan Gal, CEO of CartHook. Up until CartHook, Jordan came from an immigrant entrepreneur household, and when you grow up around that it’s hard to get away from it.

He’s started several different businesses, and eventually landed on his own ecommerce site. He sold the business off, and then got into the software game, but he wanted to stay in the ecommerce world.

He looked at the apps they were using and took one, a cart abandon apps, and realized this app was awful but still made him thousands of dollars a month, maybe there would be a business in making a better version of that app?

Two years into marketing this cart abandon project, he realized he’s just been staring at different checkout pages all day.

Eventually it dawns on him, wouldn’t it be more valuable if instead of capturing lost sales, they just developed a better checkout page that had fewer abandoned carts to begin with? That was the genesis of his product, a better converting checkout page.

Today, you’ll learn about what CartHook can do for your ecommerce site, as well as where Jordan thinks the future of ecommerce is headed.

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