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Honest Ecommerce

Jan 27, 2020

Val Geisler is the Chief Email Officer of Fix My Churn, a team of specialists dedicated to keeping customers around longer through a better lifecycle and transactional email campaigns.

In this podcast, we talk about the importance of looking beyond the list and remembering the human behind the email segments, providing...

Jan 21, 2020

Duane Brown is the founder & head of Strategy of Take Some Risk Inc., a digital marketing agency. He uses his curiosity for people and love for people watching to run better marketing campaigns for clients. 

On this podcast, we talk about the eCommerce Holiday hustle, taking breaks, being patient with campaigns, how to...

Jan 15, 2020

Mehdi Farsi is the co-founder of State Bicycle Co., a digitally native and innovative bike company specializing in bikes, gear, and apparel. 

He is the visionary behind the company’s products and designs, as well as the driving force of the company’s marketing and large social media presence.

On this podcast, we...

Jan 6, 2020

Dave has been online since 1980, which is pre-Internet, making him a tech pioneer and tech expert. He's also the Dave Taylor of and YouTube fame.

On this podcast, we talk about Dave’s involvement with the history of the internet, how to come up with ideas for products, video production tips, and...