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Honest Ecommerce

Feb 24, 2020

Sahil Gupta is the founder and CEO of Spase. Spase turns flat photos of products into 3D models. Gupta has degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Yale University and has previously worked for SpaceX, Microsoft, and Tesla.

In this podcast, we talk about GLB universal file type, technology catching up for online...

Feb 17, 2020

Mike Volkin is the lead instructor at He has built and sold 4 companies, written 5 books, one-best seller and now he is on a mission to help freelancers capture the freedom and money they deserve. 

In this podcast, we talk about how Mike wrote his best-selling book, creative...

Feb 10, 2020

Julian Plouffe is a Canadian living in Miami, Florida. He is the co-founder of Moonglow Jewelry. 

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he decided to build a brand and start his own business with a product that he believes in.

On this podcast, we talk about the marketing benefits of wholesale, date-specific marketing,...

Feb 3, 2020

Mark Fachler is the Founder and CEO of Veestro, the leading plant-based meal delivery company in the US. 

In this podcast, we talk about Mark’s journey from an investment banker to founding Veestro, the difference between using Magento and using Shopify, using influencers and more!

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