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Honest Ecommerce

Jan 28, 2019

Kassia Meador began surfing at 14, and by 17 she was a sponsored pro-longboarder, traveling the world and competing in surf events globally.

Known for her graceful surf style, Kassia was crowned the “queen of noseriding” by the New York Times and, in 2011, ranked 2nd on the WSL women’s longboard tour.

In 2013, Kassia left sponsored surfing to build KASSIA+SURF, a brand focused on quality instead of quantity, for women by women.

KASSIA+SURF pushes the limits of women’s surf culture, lifestyle, and design, all while using eco-conscious production.

Most recently, she’s partnered with Süga to create a yoga mat like no other: one created from recycled wetsuits.

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